The Resolutions Contractors’ owners and team members share a love for our communities in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. We strive to give back to members of our communities through our skills in construction and storm restoration. Below you will find news articles and details about volunteer projects¬†we have undertaken and the non-profit groups with which we are proudly partnered.

Cody Dinkel's Cigar Lounge

Cody Dinkel is determined to live his life to the fullest. He is a young man who is passionate about cars, loves spending time in his garage, and embraces whatever God has willed for him. For the past decade, Cody has fought against brain and spinal cancer. Backed by Morgan, his wife, as well as friends and family, Cody’s life is full of joy, love, and support.

Our Northern Colorado team had the honor of working alongside My Happy Place to completely renovate Cody’s garage into a sophisticated cigar lounge. This project included building a pony wall, drywalling, and electrical wiring. The new cigar lounge also features a customized ramp and railing that helps Cody easily move from inside his home into his happy place.

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